ADA Compliance Foundation Inc.


This week we are to concern ourselves with more training of the ADA COMPLIANCE REGULATIONS. as you well know there are going to be many lawsuits filed in this year as the Attorney's smell blood. Under the new revisions there are many more individuals classified as disabled. Ada Lawsuits.

In order to preserve our Legal Rights under the ADA and stop the driveby lawsuits of unscrupulious individuals and Lawyers, we must provide the disabled and the Business community with a means of reasonable and moderate negotiation to obtain compliance.

In the past, many small Business' have chosen not to comply because of the expense or have just ignored the compliance thinking it didn't apply to them. There is and never has been a Grandfather Clause in the ADA Law,you must comply. A Federal Lawsuit can bankrupt the Business as well as the owners finances. There is almost no defense against a plainiff and the deep pockets of the Department of Justice,not to mention the Attorney's fee's to fight a Federal Lawsuit.

 SIGNAGE: is a key point, making sure businesses have the proper types of signage and markings that are compliant will save considerable dollars in legal fee's.

PARKING: There shall be no faded or distorted signage in the space. Signs must be properly displayed at the correct height, visiable above a parked van in the space.

A CUT-A-WAY CURB: And a clear path to door is another must have.

RAMPS: If your business has any elevation to gain entrance you may need to install a regulation ramp.

If you have questions please send us a message on CONTACT US page.

The requierments of the law are great in number, be prepared and start compling by correcting the most obvious violations outside your business.